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New Woman

Planning Strategy

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Self-image: raising your self-worth and self confidence

Mental and emotional health: mentally resilient and capable of commanding your emotions

Family: a peaceful home where joy is abundant and we are creating a culture of growth to become our highest selves

Physical and spiritual health: optimal energy and clarity of vision

Friendship: meaningful friendship that hold me accountable to becoming my highest self

Intimacy: I am in a relationship that inspires me to grow — with a significant other and/or with my Creator

Contribution: I have discovered my passion and I am doing meaningful work that fulfills me

Environment: my environment gives me peace and is a place where my soul can fully rest and be rejuvenated

Wealth: I have an abundance of time and treasure that I use to contribute

Overwhelmed: feeling like there is so much I have to do and I can’t seem to get ahead.

Anxious: I am constantly worried about everything to the extent that it’s robbing me of my peace of mind.

Restless: I feel like there is something missing in my life but I don’t know what it is and I don’t know where to begin to find it.

Empty: My life looks great on the outside but I feel unhappy with who I am.

No dreams: I don’t know what I want and I don’t have a dream that I am currently pursuing, but I wish I did.

Lonely: I don’t have a community that gives me meaningful connection and holds me accountable to be my highest self.

MASTERMIND GROUP: You watch the lessons on your own and meet with your coach and group for accountability. (Most Popular)

PRIVATE STRATEGY: Watch the lessons on your own and meet with your coach for personalized strategy and accountability. (Fastest growth plan)

BOTH: MASTERMIND GROUP WITH PRIVATE STRATEGY: Watch the lessons on your own, meet with your mastermind for accountability and community, plus meet with your wholeness coach for personalized strategy and accountability. (Most life changing option)

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